Behind the Make: Screenpeek

March 1, 2018

Makers Hans Pagel and Philipp Kühn looked for an easier way to generate professional looking screenshots for their websites but couldn’t find anything that met their needs. So the two decided to design their own and launched Screenpeek, a service that not only captures a screenshot of a website but also displays it in various device mockups.

I was able to grab a few minutes from Hans to give us a look at how the whole make process for Screenpeek went.

In 100 words or less, what exactly is Screenpeek?

✂ paste url 😍 create mockup

How did you come up with the idea for Screenpeek?

I was looking for a tool to generate screenshots from websites I made, but couldn’t find any that fit my needs. So I started to build my own screenshot service and while building it I thought about going further. So I started to experiment with mockups and here it is: the first tool that takes screenshots of your websites and generates beautiful device mockups.

How long did it take you to go from the idea to actually building your first version?

It took one month from idea to launch, but we were actually really quick as it took us less than 60 hours to get everything together.

How did you go about building the first version of Screenpeek?

The first version was kind of a proof of concept, there was no design, but it did work. We tried to use it for our presentations and stuff and as we felt it was a good helper in our daily work, we started to actually design the whole thing.

Did you run into any challenges along the way in building Screenpeek?

The whole tax thing is crazy. We are still busy getting everything right. Luckily we are working in an agency and get help from our tax accountant.

How did your launch day go?

We decided to launch on Product Hunt. Long story short, we posted slightly before midnight PST and our post was listed as “yesterday.”

After reaching out to Ryan and his team, they moved us to “today” but we already missed all the EU traffic. 🙂 But a lot of people saw our tweets, that was most of the traffic.

Looking back at Screenpeek’s launch day, would you do anything different?

Posting it a few minutes later …

What are some milestones that Screenpeek has hit since launch that blow your mind?

15.000+ visits in the first 24 hours, hundreds of likes on our tweets and all the nice people I chatted with!

Now that you have officially launched Screenpeek, what are some short term goals you are working towards?

We have a long list of features we want to add. Obviously everyone wants more devices, which we will add soon, but we have a lot more to come. 🙂 Be sure to follow me on Twitter to receive updates.

What is one website or resource you used during making Screenpeek that made the process 100 times easier?

Laravel Forge for deploying all the stuff to DigitalOcean.

Other than Screenpeek, have you launched any other projects?

We are about to launch Scrumpy, a project management tool for people who need more features in Trello and hate the interface and everything in JIRA. 😅 We’ve worked with it for 6 months now and we really became happier people.

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